Meet the monsters

I’m currently sat here writing this with a 18 month screaming like a mad man because he hates to be alone. My mums always reminding me that I was like that at his age, crying to the point that I’d make myself sick because I knew my mum would come and pick me up and give me cuddles. Jacob definitely takes after me in that respect (the poor thing) I’m constantly hoping that he won’t end up like me and grows up to have a normal childhood.

I hate using the world normal. To me normal is just another word for boring or average and that’s definitely what I want for either of my kids! And to be completely honest there is nothing “normal” about my kids in the slightest. Mia also known as little miss sassy pants is the most dramatic, funniest little girl you will ever meet. She never fails to make you laugh with her random little outbursts. She’s also the sweetest most caring little girl I know. Sure she has her moments who doesn’t but she knows if somethings wrong and gives cuddles and kisses to make you better. She is so gentle with her new baby cousin and just loves getting to hold her, she literally has the biggest smile on her face every time she sees her. She makes me so proud and I’m sure she’s going to grow up to be something like a nurse or maybe an actress, she definitely has the drama queen thing down to a tee.

And then there’s Jacob. He is just a ball of pure gorgeous, crazy energy. I literally have no idea where the hell he gets all his energy from he never sits still! He’s into everything constantly climbing on the furniture, he eats whatever he finds whether it’s edible or not he’s not fazed he’s up for a challenge and is naked about 90% of the time(definitely a guy thing) you can’t take your eyes off him for a second but he is just so god damn gorgeous and so cheeky. He looks up to his big sister so much and copies whatever she does. I’m so glad they have the relationship they do and hope they stay close as they grow up. It’s definitely not easy having 2 crazy, energetic kids so close in age but I wouldn’t change them for the world. To me they are perfect.

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